Red Brick Center for the Arts (RBW):

1. Use the filters on the left hand side of the screen to select the date and room you wish to book.
2. Click the search button to display available times.
3. The site will prompt you to log-in or create an account..
4. From the list of available times select the time you would like to use the conference room or dance studio.
5. Select continue and you will be asked review your booking and agree to the waiver.
6. You must pay for your bookings online to guarantee use of the room.
7. Cancellation Policy: A 50% refund will be issued for cancellations made 10 days prior to booked event.
8. Renters are expected to return the room to the clean state in which they found it. The Red Brick has the right to charge a cleaning fee of $250 if the room is not left clean.

ARC Birthday Parties:

Please note that all Birthday Party Requests must be made at least 10 days in advance of the event. Online birthday party bookings are facility requests only! All requests must be approved by Recreation Staff!

Park Reservation Requests:

1. This is a request for a park reservation only. All requests must be approved by Aspen Parks & Rec Staff.
2. Park requests must be made at least seven days in advance.
3. Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your balance due. You will be expected to pay for the park reservation and permit fee (if applicable)
4. Some events require a permit. If your event requires a permit, you will be expected to fill out a permit application at:
5. Please select the time slot that best fits your needs. The total time of your event must include set up and clean up.
6. Park Usage Fees are calculated based on the number of people attending:
0 - 49 people = $175
50 - 100 people = $400
101 - 200 people = $600
201 - 500 people = $3,500
501 - 10,000 people = $10,000
7. Please acknowledge that any false information entered can be punishable, potentially resulting in the loss of park usage and/or fines.
Open the calendar popup.
Open the calendar popup.